César Palace

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are now entering the universe of « PARIS-PARNASSE »!

Take your time, grab a seat, enjoy yourself and savor our Chef’s cuisine! The dishes follow one another, it’s now time for dessert… Careful, you’ll be shortly stepping back in time!

The light becomes soft and gives way to a projection taking you back to the « années folles » of Montparnasse!

So you think you know everything… Your turn to play then! Have fun with the Master of Ceremony and answer the trivia questions on timeless Montparnasse.

But back to more modern times. This is where the CÉSAR PALACE PARIS, more than 25  years ago, decided to set up, between the Musée Bourdelle, the Cantine des Artistes (Picasso, Chagall, Matisse…) and the Rue de la Gaîté.

The new revue transports you to this crazy universe in the heated era of Montparnasse while staying very current. You will make out the voluptuous nature and feathers of Kiki de Montparnasse, sing along to the tunes of the « cafés-concerts » and music halls, laugh with humorists, public and satirical entertainers and end up enthralled with the indispensable French Cancan to wake up the Parisian night!

Carry on until 1:45 am with a night of dancing in a festive and cheerful atmosphere!

Discover the new show « PARIS-PARNASSE », the most humorous of the Parisian revues!


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